The preparation of traffic signal designs is one of RKA’s recognized specialties. We perform 60-80 traffic signal designs per year as well as signal upgrades involving numerous types of equipment and geometric configurations. Our design experience includes the development of signal timing plans, emergency vehicle pre-emption, railroad pre-emption, pedestrian actuation and safety needs, inductive loop and video image vehicle detection, and various interconnect systems including time based, hard wired, fiber optic, and spread spectrum radio.

RKA is experienced in developing timing plans for isolated intersections as well as urban pre-timed grid networks of signals and signal systems promoting coordinated arterial traffic flow. We also assist municipalities in developing traffic signal timing, phasing, and coordination plans using computer software such as Synchro and TruTraffic.


  • Isolated Traffic Signal Design
  • Coordinated Traffic Signal Design
  • Cable Routing Plans
  • Electrical Detail Plans
  • Temporary Signal Design
  • “Red Light”┬áCamera Plans
  • Signal Timing Implementation
  • ITS
  • Signing Plans
  • Traffic Control Plans
  • Pavement Marking Plans
  • Coordinated Signal System Studies