Over the past year, RKA’s traffic operations group has experienced great growth. See the pictures below for each of our office’s traffic operations teams. We are excited about our quick growth and looking forward to the traffic operations group’s bright future!

Raleigh, NC Team

Battle Whitley, P.E., CPM – Director of Public Sector Services
Daniel Pedersen – Transportation Associate
Alicia Andrews – Transportation Associate
Jason Hamilton, P.E., PTOE – Traffic Operations Manager

Charlotte, NC Team

Timothy Popelka, E.I. – Signal Design Associate
Zach Esposito, E.I. – Transportation Associate
Nick Burns, P.E. – Traffic Operations Manager

Richmond, VA Team

Carl Hultgren, P.E., PTOE – Sr. Transportation Engineer
Mike Bailey, P.E., PTOE – Transportation Engineer

Charleston, SC Team

Jeff Ingham, P.E., PTOE – Sr. Traffic Engineer
Bryan Webb, P.E., PTOE – Sr. Traffic Engineer
Rick Reiff, P.E., PTOE, RSP – SC State Director
Katelyn Love, E.I. – Transportation Associate
Oz Zayyat, E.I. – Transportation Associate

Mr. Battle Whitley, P.E., CPM is one of our subject matter experts for ITS (Intelligent Transportation Systems). Part of his role at Division 5 of the North Carolina Department of Transportation (NCDOT) was to ensure ITS components were included in the planning and design of projects in the Triangle Region. He worked closely with ITS devices having oversight of the operation of over 200 traffic cameras and other ITS devices such as variable message signs, traffic counters, speed detectors and ramp meters. Battle has a passion for leveraging the operation of ITS devices for reducing congestion, effective incident management and providing quality traveler information to the general public. With this background, comes a knowledgeable experience and expertise in the ITS world.


NCDOT U-5968 Durham Signal System

RKA prepared 157 signal design and electrical detail plans as part of the team responsible for the overall City of Durham Signal System upgrade project. In addition to the design plans, RKA conducted a field inventory of existing cabinets at all 157 locations in order to determine existing cabinet equipment, controller settings, and more. Close coordination with the City and the NCDOT, including monthly progress meetings, was required throughout the duration of the project.

The City’s existing Signal System consists of approximately 400 traffic signals and 100 closed circuit television (CCTV) cameras. The upgrade project is converting all existing signal controller software to ASC/3, as well as providing operational improvements at key intersections.

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