Planning and Design: Catholic Diocese of Raleigh Cathedral Campus Transportation Study | Pullen Road Extension - Ramey Kemp & Associates


Location: Raleigh, NC Key Tasks: Transportation planning, capacity analysis, traffic data collection, roadway and storm drainage design, signal design, traffic control plans, pavement marking plans, erosion control plans

Project Synopsis

RKA prepared a transportation study for the master plan of the Catholic Diocese campus located near North Carolina State University (NCSU) in Raleigh, NC. The campus will include a new 2,000 plus seat regional Cathedral, a large reception hall, a future K-8 school, and sanctuary grounds. The study included an evaluation of alternatives for the City of Raleigh’s Transportation Plan Network that is on and near the property. The study also required coordination with City staff as well as NCSU for their future development plans.

Traffic counts were conducted along with capacity analyses of access points to the Diocese campus, to determine the impacts of future traffic with build out of the campus as well as the future roadway network. Additionally, RKA is currently providing roadway improvements for the Pullen Road extension design which extends Pullen Road from the Western Boulevard intersection to the Centennial Parkway / Oval Drive intersection for their new Cathedral campus. RKA has worked closely with the City of Raleigh, NCSU, and the NCDOT and has provided preliminary design alternatives for the Pullen Road extension. RKA is tasked with completing the roadway and storm drainage design, signal design, traffic control plans, pavement marking plans, and erosion control plans. RKA is working with the NCDOT and the City of Raleigh for plan approval and obtaining permits.

As a part of the planning process, RKA coordinated with City staff, NCDOT staff, and NCSU staff to guide the direction of the study to ensure that the overall results would meet the needs of the area for the long term.

Once the project moved to the design phase, RKA worked closely with the City, NCDOT, NCSU, and the Diocese of Raleigh to develop a consensus for the necessary improvements, the mitigation of impacts, stakeholder specific desires, and financial responsibility. In conjunction with the stakeholders, RKA coordinated to public workshops with the City staff and conducted the workshops to ensure public buy in of the project.