RKA’s Dedicated Public Sector Team

RKA has a dedicated public sector team that works on over 100 public sector projects a year .

P: Practical: We keep constructability in mind from the start of the project.

U: Understands the process: RKA has staff with well over 250 years of combined public sector career experience.

B: Budget conscious: We understand that budget is important.

L: Listens: We listen to stakeholders to incorporate ideas.

I: Innovative approaches: We strive for innovative approaches to provide the best possible project solutions.

C: Client centered: We value our clients and their needs.


S: Schedule awareness: We know being on-time is critical.

E: Environmentally sensitive: It is important to consider the environment.

C: Complete Streets experts: We have extensive Complete Streets experience.

T: Transportation focused: Transportation consulting is what we do.

O: Outside the box thinking: We are always trying to think of ways to serve our clients and make our projects better.

R: Responsive: We respond quickly to our clients’ needs.


Meet the team!

Top Left to Right:

Roger Henderson, P.E., AICP

Battle Whitley, IV, P.E., CPM

“Tré” Dugal, III, P.E.

Bottom Left to Right:

Jessica McClure, P.E.

James “Jay” McInnis, Jr., P.E., CPM

Jason Hamilton, P.E., PTOE


Our CULTURE is one of ownership – ownership in our company, ownership in our profession, and ownership in our personal lives.