David Hyder, P.E. joins RKA’s Planning Group

RKA is pleased to announce that David Hyder, P.E. will be joining our team on July 1st. Mr. Hyder has 38 years of experience in planning, including planning in growing cities, and he focuses on data and trends. His past work has involved policy development, data collection and interpretation, travel demand models, air quality analyses, preparation of an environmental analysis, transportation studies, and traffic forecasts. He has extensive leadership experience and has been part of many interdisciplinary teams.

Mr. Hyder worked for the NC Department of Transportation for 18 years as a County Engineer, Planning Engineer, and Environmental Policy Specialist; and he was also the executive director for the City of High Point’s Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO) where he helped improve the process of choosing projects and consultants and served as the leader for the team that re-wrote the MPO’s bylaws.

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