Raleigh RKA Happenings & Highlights

RKA was recently featured in the Engineering News-Record (ENR) magazine, a McGraw-Hill Companies publication, for being rated #100 in the list of top design firms in the Southeast. ENR Southeast is a national publication that recognizes the Engineering Design Sector that compiles the top Southeast Design Firms annually.
Public Sector Transportation Manager
Q: What have you gained from working at RKA?
A: A wealth of technical knowledge, opportunities to expand leadership and management skills, and some friends along the way. I’ve also learned the importance of developing solid working relationships with Clients and review agencies as it typically makes our projects a much smoother process for everyone involved.
Q: What do you hope to accomplish in the next five years?
A: I’m excited to be part of growing our group that focuses on the needs of our Public Sector Clients. We want to establish ourselves in a way that can directly serve governmental agencies, municipalities, planning organizations, and      Counties by providing a breadth of technical knowledge, support, and guidance with regard to transportation needs. We look forward to developing and maintaining strong relationships with a wide range of Clients from communities that may not have full-time staff devoted to transportation to large organizations that may need a few more hands on deck to fulfill their visions.
Q: Where would you like to travel if you could go anywhere in the world?
A: I would go to space and take a few orbits. I’ve been fascinated by space and NASA’s shuttle program since I was little. Space is just incomprehensibly massive once you really start thinking about the expanse of the universe and beyond and everything we don’t know. But I think reasonably successful commercial space travel is a bit of a ways in the future (regardless of what Branson and Musk have to say).
On a “fun fact” note, in 2010/2011 I flew to Florida numerous times to catch one of the last shuttle launches and it was canceled each time. I finally got to experience a launch after I drove 14 hours through the night to a friend’s place in Boca Raton and then got up a few hours later and we drove 3 hours to Cape Canaveral to “get a good spot”. It was pretty cool.
Q: What is one of your favorite mottos/quotes?
A: You do you. I’ll do me.
The following highlights some of RKA’s key public sector wins so far in 2018.
  • NCDOT Transportation Mobility and Safety Division Limited Services Contract
  • NCDOT Western Region Divisions Planning & Design Engineering and General Engineering Services Consultant Limited Services Contract
  • Wake County Public School Systems Professional Services Master Services Agreement
  • City of Jacksonville, NC On-Call Professional Engineering Services Contract
  • City of Charleston, SC On-Call Professional Services
  • SCDOT On-Call Traffic Signal Design Services
  • North Carolina State University Transportation & Parking-Related Open-Ended Consulting Contracts
RKA performed a ramp inventory for select intersection locations within Division 9 of the NCDOT. Curb ramps at intersections in Winston-Salem, Thomasville, Spencer, Denton, China Grove, and Mocksville were evaluated to ensure conformity to NCDOT and ADA standards. Criteria for these evaluations consisted of the slope of the ramp, ramp width, abruptness, and the condition of the truncated domes on the ramp. Once all of the ramps were evaluated in the field, RKA developed a scoring criteria to aid in determining which intersections can be repaired during each phase of construction as funding for these repairs becomes available. Approximately 800 ramps have been evaluated to date.

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